Today in History: Shirley Temple weds first husband John Agar (1945)


Iconic child superstar Shirley Temple did not only start her Hollywood career early, but also her married life!

Shirley Temple as a seven-year old girl and as a young woman. Photos via Daily Mail and Listal

Shirley, who has then been making waves as a bankable actress, first met Army Air Corps sergeant and eventual actor John Agar in 1943. Two years later, exactly 68 years ago today, the two tied the knot at the Wilshire Methodist Church reportedly in front of 500 guests! Shirley was only 17 at the time, while John was 24.

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Shirley and John’s real life romance eventually became reflected in the silver screen, having starred as a couple in two movies, namely “Fort Apache” directed by John Ford and “Adventure in Baltimore” by Richard Wallace.

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But just three years down the married line, the couple encountered bumps in their marriage which eventually led to their divorce. As a result, Shirley was able to restore her maiden name and gain custody of their only child, Linda Susan.

Shirley would later on remarry yet another uniformed man named Charles Alden Black, who was a WWII US Navy intelligence officer and Assistant to the President of the Hawaiian Pineapple Company. But unlike her first marriage, Shirley remained bound to Charles until his death 54 years later.

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