Today in History: Adam West, the original Batman was born


He acted side by side with Paul Newman on The Young Philadelphians. He voices fictional characters of himself on Family Guy but that’s not what he’s really known for, guys. Send your birthday greetings to Mr. Adam West, the original Batman!

Na na na na na na na naaa, Batman!

Gotham City’s antihero and caped crusader turns 85 today. West, portrayed the much beloved and sought after multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne in the original Batman TV series in 1966. The caped crusader vanquished the scum of Gotham with the help of his trusty sidekick Robin, played by actor Burt Ward. West’s portrayal of Batman paved the way for the superhero phenomenon into super stardom.

Photos via Salt Lake Comic Con, Push Start Co UK, Wikipedia, LA Times Hero Complex

His crime fighting persona in the TV series is really matched by sleek James Bond-reminiscent looks underneath the mask. Adam West has reportedly turned down the offer to play the dashing British spy. West pointed out that he believed the role should be played by genuine British actors.

The Batman franchise has ventured far from its original roots of silky tight costumes to the dark and hard story lines of the more recent installments. Whatever the modern day Dark Knights have compared to the original, they still owe it to the grand daddy of all Caped Crusaders.

Happy birthday Adam West! Thanks for keeping Gotham City streets safe for its citizens!

All information were sourced from LA Times Hero Complex, Push Start Co UK, Wikipedia

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