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2013-09-23 1

This month I celebrate one year in the community and one year since I bought my first analogue camera in the 21st century, but until recently my approach to lomography was quite conservative and I wouldn´t consider myself a “lomographer”. But all that has changed in the last couple of months, all thanks to the Lomography Sprocket Rocket.

Nothing says film like the sprocket holes in your pictures and I guess that’s one of the reasons I’ve wanted one of these cameras since I first saw one. At the time, not really knowing if I could get the film developed and scanned I started by buying other cameras like the Diana Mini, the Lomography Fisheye One and the Holga.

This summer, having a greater knowledge of film photography (and my own scanner with the ability to scan the whole negative), I decided to take advantage of the sales season and finally bought the Sprocket Rocket. My lomography experience has never been the same!

Like most lomography cameras, the Sprocket Rocket is easy to operate. You have two focus distances – up to 1 meter and more than 1 meter and two aperture settings – cloudy (f/8) and sunny (f/16) – these small apertures ensure great depth of field so most of your pictures will be sharp. The shutter has two settings, N for 1/100s exposure and B for bulb mode.

Close Focus

The lens is super-wide and the camera shoots panoramas but unlike other cameras, these are real panoramas which take up two frames in the film and, guess what, it exposes the whole negative – sprocket holes included!

Credits: robertofiuza

Until I had this camera, my most adventurous shots where the multiple exposures but the Sprocket Rocket opened a new world for me. I used a Splitzer) for the first time (I even made it myself.)

My wife’s legs on my friend’s upper body!

and started experimenting with redscaling film

Credits: robertofiuza

and EBS (Expose Both Sides)

Credits: robertofiuza

The shape of the camera and its shutter button makes it easy to do long exposures – just place the camera somewhere stable, change to B mode and shoot away.

Long exposures with B mode

Finally, one of the great things about this camera is its ability to advance and rewind the film at will, allowing for infinite panoramas and helping alot with exposing both sides – the frame display even counts backwards when you rewind!

Today I feel much more like a lomographer, not bound by the traditional rules of photography, but enjoying all that film has to offer – MX, EBS,X-Pro, Redscale, you name it.

Only one thing missing in my lomography: a film swap. Anyone interested?

Having fun with The Rocket

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  1. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    Wow. Very talented! You've been shooting Lomo for a year but are already getting great results like these?! Bravo~ Film swap for sure :-)

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