Julia Benz Designs the La Sardina DIY for Millerntor Gallery


The event at the Millerntor Gallery in Hamburg happened a while back but we’d love to present you a special gem, anyway. Something that was designed during this charity event by Viva con Agua. The Berlin-based artist Julia Benz has transformed our La Sardina DIY Edition to a black and white dream! Read on and get to know more about Julia and her design.

Tell us something about yourself.

Hi, my name’s Julia and I live and work as freelance artist in Berlin. My main focus lies on painting and illustration.

Julia Benz in front of her designed wall in the Millerntor Gallery

How would you describe your art?

I think every artist’s got a lot to say about his work, and I think there are many ways to describe my work. I’d say my paintings are mostly colorful, huge, and “loud” as they often appear quite dominant due to the colors. I think that’s what most people like about my work – the colors. Sure, I work with themes and worlds in my paintings, but in general I restrain myself from talking much about it. Everyone should take a look at my images and come up with something personal with what they see. That’s okay and way more interesting.

When I don’t paint, I like to illustrate in a very opposite, but balanced style. I like portraits of people, it’s quite delicate for me. And I like to use black and white here.

And when I neither paint nor draw, I’m sitting on a skateboard deck and designing it in black and white, other times in color, and sometimes the result is quite plain and geometric. Designing a deck makes me feel free and I can get all wild with my graphic style.

My dog Ponyo compensates for that. She’s my companion and we’re a great team. She really balances everything and I can calm down during our daily walk.

You designed our La Sardina DIY for the Millerntor Gallery. What story does the design tell?

La Sardina DIY Edition by Julia Benz

It’s a black and white counterpart of a design I did back then on a wall in the Millerntor Gallery. It means that after 10 hours of working with color and trying to bring it on the wall in a way that it makes sense, I enjoyed designing the La Sardina DIY peacefully at night in the hotel to calm down.

The pattern is a combination of floral elements and simple geometric forms. Those are typical in my skateboard designs and are also elements that start to appear frequently in the images I make on canvas. A typical Benz design, so to say. Everything’s there except for the colors, maybe.

How do you like the La Sardina DIY and designing it?

I like the La Sardina DIY a lot because it feels great and has a simple but chic design. I like the detachable flash a lot.

Do you have any advice for DIY beginners concerning our camera?

Not really because it’s easy to handle. Just get it started!

Want to get to know more about Julia and her work? Take a look at her website and Facebook page!

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