Your Autumn Story: Fall Means Venturing Into The Mountains

2013-09-25 1

Every fall, our community heads up to the mountains for a few days to escape the heat together. It’s my favorite part of the season.

Photo by ketchupmama

Here in the desert, the weather doesn’t start to get nice again usually until November. So while our Facebook feeds are filling up with people’s adoration of the rapidly cooling outdoors, we’re still grumbling through triple-digit temperatures.

Photos by ketchupmama

To combat this, everyone in our community heads up north into the mountains for a few days to escape the heat and to see the leaves change color. We rent out a big camp, then spend our days having adventures and our nights making smores (my youngest was old enough to toast his own marshmallow this year for the first time), listening to the chirping of crickets, and looking at the stars that can’t be seen back in our city home.

Photos by ketchupmama

As a hooper, I usually bring up a bunch of our extra hula hoops to make them available for anyone who wants to give it a shot. I occasionally teach a class a few tricks, all while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Photo by ketchupmama

I think the kids love our time away more than the rest of us since they get to run free and explore with one another without their parents worrying, because we know that there are plenty of others around to take care of them.

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