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Photography lets you explore the world with just a click of a shutter button and the prints you produce. For renowned fashion photographer Mario Testino, the runway and the models that walk on them were the perfect subject.

Photo via Art in Jewelry

Stylistically speaking, Testino’s work has covered a vast area in photography. His well-known photos are house staples in the biggest fashion magazines like Vogue and GQ. His art in creating beautiful and impeccably elegant shots are a thing of wonder. Princess Diana’s famous Vanity Fair cover is probably the crown jewel in his collection.

Photos via Fanpop, Imonili

Born in Lima, Peru back in 1954, Mario Testino headed out for London in 1976 to pursue fashion photography. His earlier works include selling portfolios to models for £25 a pop (that includes hair and make up) and he succeeded in doing so up to now. Testino’s modest roots are still evident in the fashion business – his colleagues and good friends in the business would attest to that.

Photos via Gaga Fashion Land, Meredith Devine

His long career has also been decorated with success, selling more product that features his distinct handiwork and style. Commercial ventures aside, Testino keeps his photography integrity in check. In an interview he describes photography and imagery: “My pictures are my eyes,” Mario Testino once said. “I photograph what I see—and what I want to see.” Those very same eyes made sure that the images they produced not only looked beautifully created but closest to reality as possible.

“Deliciously provocative” is one way Vogue put it.

Testino’s body of work will continue to make us want to shoot more for the beauty of things. His clean, sleek taste will only serve to inspire.

All information were sourced from MFA, Vogue, Models, Art Partner

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  1. guanatos
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    It's amazing how he truly started from scratch

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    beautiful and very inspiring!

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