Picturing Style: Confidence is Key

2013-10-01 4

Style, fashion, modelling, beauty… These are all concepts we encounter in our daily lives. Many people struggle to achieve what they see in magazines, posters, or even cool editorials. Are there any guidelines to follow? In my humble opinion, there’s NONE! The keyword is confidence!

Credits: marta1901

When I decided to write about the concept of style, I browsed through my gallery to see if I could follow a pattern to describe the word for me. The conclusion? The only word to describe what I was able to see in every singe shot I took was confidence.

Credits: marta1901

There’s nothing more attractive or appealing than a person staring fiercely at the camera. It can be a magnetic look or a natural big smile. It could also be the way you stand on the ground.

Whenever I plan a photo shoot with anyone, we both try to think about the style we want to express. In my opinion, the success of a stylist lies on whether or not he or she is able to communicate to the viewer a certain feeling or message. There’s no need for expensive clothes, designer items, or theatrical makeup. You just need to believe in what you are wearing and express your character with passion.

Here are some examples of shots where I think I succeeded with my mission. Feelings of melancholy, happiness, anger, or love – all confident women embodying my idea of style. Enjoy!

Credits: marta1901

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