Animals in London


It is not necessary to go to the famous Zoo of London to see animals in this town. There are a lot of them, of all kinds, free, free across the city …

From the biggest to the to the smallest, they usually makes the delights of the tourists (and the Londoners, of course), since they are used to the human beings. Well, it is necessary to think that some of them are stone or bronze statues, so, they have the advantage that they are very photogenic, in addition to that it is not necessary to attract them with meal …

By this way, we will approach the shore of some pond and we will be able to feed to the swans or to the pelicans. The pigeons, of course, approach with curiosity to our things.
We will have the opportunity of a squirrel raises us for the pants, as it sees that we do not share with her any dry fruits …

More slippery that I have seen there are the ducks. I do not know if they suspect that there are a coveted kitchen plate at the restaurants… or that they are very used to “taking part” in the hunts that are celebrated throughout the country …

Anyway, there is an animal in the whole London, with multitude of races, behaviors, customs, etc. He is the man. Also, it is usually like a magnet: Wherever they meets, there is noise, holiday, jollification, …

It will be a bad idea to you to throw him breadcrumbs!!!

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Nice idea, lovely shots !

  2. disdis
    disdis ·

    te mordió alguna ardilla? Son entrañables pero peligrosas si te acercas a darles de comer!

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