Mr. M for Your Leica

2013-09-18 3

Not that your Leica camera needs any help in looking luxurious, but designer Jay Tsujimura has created these exquisite pieces that’s sure to turn heads! Check them out after the jump.

Photo from Jay Tsujimura Tokyo

If you think your Leica, or basically any camera with a hotshoe, is looking drab and needs a dash of style, designer Jay Tsujimura has something perfect for you. These hotshoe and shutter release covers made out of sterling silver and leather add an air of sophistication and royalty to your camera.

It’s certainly a nice idea, but I can only dream of owning a Leica. With that said, most of Leica users would have unused hotshoes, so having an awesome looking cover for it is always a plus. So what do you think, Leica owners? Is this a must have or an unnecessary extravagance? Let us know!

Photos from Jay Tsujimura Tokyo

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  1. segata
    segata ·

    Looks nice, I can only dream to own a leica too, nice article :)

  2. djobrien687
    djobrien687 ·

    'd love a Leica, shame I haven't a penny to a name

  3. jenquest
    jenquest ·

    I tend to leave a bit of card with the film name and ISO speed in my hotshoe.

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