The Rolling Stones donning coats and hats while sitting on a park bench in front of well-dressed photographers


I wonder what (or who!) the band was looking at on the side, though!

Photo via Pinterest

The photo above was taken on Jan. 11, 1967 at Green Park, London, almost five years after the legendary English rock band’s very first gig at the Marquee Club at Oxford Street. It’s included in “The Rolling Stones: 50,” a book containing photographs selected by the members themselves and published last year to commemorate the band’s 50th anniversary.

Drummer Charlie Watts said about this photo,

Everyone must have seen the photos of us taken in Green Park the day before we left to go to America but it’s interesting to see all the photographers gathered around us trying to get their shots. It’s something that’s not changed over the years. The only thing that’s different is that for the last twenty years or so we haven’t done it so often.

All information on this article were sourced from The Rolling Stones’ official website.

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