LomoAmigo Christine Neder Fell in Love with her Diana F+


Some of you might know Christine already, she’s a German author (90 Nächte, 90 Betten / 40 Festivals in 40 Wochen), a TV host, as well as a blogger(Lilies Diary). Our newest LomoAmigo is always in for trying out something new and she’s always on the go. For already some time now, she has a new companion on her trips: the Diana F+ camera, which she equipped with an instant back and traveled with her across America. Get to know more about her USA tour and take a look at her funny instant photos!

NAME: Christine Neder
PROFESSION: author, moderator, blogger
CITY: Berlin and Munich
COUNTRY: Germany and the world

© lilies-diary.com

Before we ask you about your newest crush, the Diana F+, we would like to get to know you a bit. Please tell us something about yourself?

A long, long time ago, I studied fashion design. However sometime during my studies I noticed that I have absolutely no talent for sewing and that my actual passion was writing. Fortunately it’s never to late to close a door and open another one. I started my blog, published a fashion magazine and during the last three years, I also wrote two books. “90 Nächte, 90 Betten” and “40 Festivals in 40 Wochen”. I shoot travel videos, take photographs, and since very recently I’m also in front of the camera. Actually, I discover something new each year, which I like and want to try out. The writing and the blog will always be my little, big baby though.

How did you come up with the idea to start Lilies Diary and become a travel blogger?

I started Lilies Diary sometime in 2006, during a stay in New York. I did an internship in the correspondent office of the German Vogue during the Fashion Week. I actually planned to write about the New York Fashion Week and to keep my family and friends updated. But then the blog started to become very personal soon. My grandmother died during that time – she was the first close person that I ever lost and I was all alone in this big city. I started to write about it, how I felt, and the blog became my trigger to deal with the grief. Also, I was dealing with the topic “perfectionism” while writing my thesis about it. Only when I started my first book “90 Nächte, 90 Betten” (in English: 90 nights, 90 beds) where I spent 90 nights couchsurfing at people’s places that I didn’t know I got into the traveling topic. Traveling was always one of my passions, but sometimes you just don’t see the obvious things. My texts are still very personal. I don’t want to provide facts, but I want to tell stories and inspire people, to pack their suitcases and go for a trip!

Some weeks ago you took your Diana F+ Cai Guo Qiang and the Instant Back+ and went for a trip across the american prairie. Tell us about your trip! What are the pictures about?

I took the Diana F+ already to several trips. First of all to a festival. After my project “40 Festivals in 40 Wochen” (in English: 40 festivals in 40 weeks) I couldn’t stop going to festivals. My first festival with the Diana was in Oregon, the UFO-Festival in McMinneville. Also on a roadtrip in Colorado, in Teneriffa, the Maledives… I actually take her everywhere with me.

So I guess this is your alien-defense outfit? What should you take care of when meeting an alien?

No, that was my costume for the alien parade, which takes place once a year in McMinneville. I actually intended to draw the aliens’ attention to me but somehow I just met fake aliens, who looked as stupid as I did. ;)

Was it your first time using an analogue camera? How do you like using the Diana with the Instant Back?

Yes it was my first time and I was addicted immediately. In our digital era there is nothing better for me than to push the button and to have the photo just a few seconds afterwards. The photos on a hard drive might be lost after some time, but no one can ever take those Diana pictures from me. Those photos are also never the same, they change colour and saturation. I’m curious to see what they will look like in 20 years. Furthermore you are much more aware with the Instant Back with what you shoot and don’t just start shooting randomly.

Do you have any tips for analogue Newbies? What should you avoid when you shoot with the Diana for the first time?

When you’re traveling, take care to put your films into the hand luggage. It can happen that the devices of the security check destroy the films. (Note from the editor: Especially when you travel to the USA, take care to put your film rolls into the hand luggage otherwise you could have weird stripes on your photos. I’m talking out of experience!) It helps a lot to get a short briefing how to take the best pictures in theory. But then you should forget about everything and discover it yourself. Of course not every shot will be amazing, but that’s also part of the fun – you never know what you will get.

In your blog you gave a very special advice in case a picture don’t turn out well…

Oh yes, that one I actually got from someone else. Immediately after the picture comes out of the camera you can scratch something on the photo with a sharp item. That’s somehow like in elementary school, when working with wax crayon and just painted above each other and afterwards you scratch your image.

What’s the next trip for the Diana and you?

We’ve just been in Africa and afterwards we’re going to Greece, New Zealand, Curacao, Austria…

Thank you very much for the interview, Christine! We’re looking forward to seeing new pictures from you soon!

If you want to get to know more about Christine’s USA trip, visit her blog www.lilies-diary.com. You can also read about her trips around the world on Facebook and Twitter.

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