Postcards from Asia: The Daily Grind in Bangkok from 100 Years Ago


More than just a tourist spot and a bustling metropolis, Bangkok, Thailand’s capital and most populated city, is also one of Asia’s historical and cultural centers. Luckily for us, we can take a look at the daily grind in Bangkok from the time when it was still a city in the making through some street snaps from 100 years ago!

In a previous installment of Postcards from Asia, we offered a peek at life in some of Asia's busiest cities from as far back as 1950s. You must have also seen some fascinating photos of the daily grind in Japan during the late 19th Century. So, it’s about time for us to walk down memory lane once more, this time going further back into a century ago in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital and most populous city.

Among the most interesting scenes show the streets slowly transforming — from rickshaws to automobiles, plain-clothed residents in near empty alleys to stylish commuters riding a tram, and even floating docks on the Chao Prya River before taxi boats became the main river transport.

Want to know and see more? Daily Mail made an interesting feature last year comparing Bangkok’s street scenes from 100 years back to the the present, while Foreign Policy and Teak Door Forum have loads more vintage photos of the Thai capital for you to flip through.

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