TOMS' Allie Greenberg Shares her View Through a Sprocket Rocket


Allie Greenberg, a part of the TOMS team, has stopped by to tell us a bit about herself and her Lomography in coordination with the #BESHADY rumble that is currently live in support of World Sight Day.

Hi Allie! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m Allie. I love to drink beer and listen to music. Preferably both at the same time while riding bikes along the beach (I’m a most-excellent multi-tasker)! I also recently learned how to surf and skateboard. I’m not an expert at either YET but I do have epic bruises to prove I’m getting there. Oh and I recently tried stand-up paddle boarding. That was rad. Basically anything in the water or outdoors is my jam. Hey maybe you guys should invent a sand/waterproof Lomo!

What do you do at TOMS?
I am on the social media team at TOMS. I love the creative aspect of my job. A lot of times I get the opportunity to create my own content (i.e. take pictures) outside of the campaign photography for the TOMS channels and that was part of the reason I was so excited about this opportunity to be a Lomo Amigo. I would also note that I like to consider myself somewhat of a pinterest ninja. Seriously. Check our Pinterest.

What is it like being part of the TOMS team?
The people! Some of the guys and gals I work with have transformed from coworkers to creative collaborators, camping pals and karaoke co-stars. True story; I took my Lomo on a little camping/surfing trip with some fellow Toms pals this past weekend. Can’t wait to see the photos.

How long have you been into Lomography?
OH jeez well I used to walk past the Lomo store in Weho everyday when I lived in that part of town and wish that I had one so bad. I am not going to say I secreted that stuff but I am going to say this is an awfully awesome coincidence.

What was it like shooting with the Sprocket Rocket?
Well it was bright pink so my mom wanted to steal it. Seriously, I had to get very protective over it. Also since it shoots panoramas, I had to be more thoughtful about the pictures I was taking (which became increasingly hard after a few Coors lights).

Tell us a bit about your photos.
My photos are from two recent weekends. The first was FYF fest a music festival in downtown LA (which I actually got tickets to by winning a ’zine contest with my boyfriend). TOMS did a collaboration with Sub Pop records a few months ago and it really renewed my love for the band Washed Out (their new album TOTALLY RULES). They played right after the sun came down and had all these magical twinkly lights on stage. It was awesome. Other bands we saw included My Bloody Valentine, !!!, Solange and No Age. The other photos are from the weekend my parents asked me to dog-sit for them at their house. They live right off the ocean in Dana Point so we take the dog for walks on the beach, surf and relax. Since our World Sight Day campaign is tied into asking people to “BESHADY” I thought it would be pretty shady if I threw a party at my parents house while they were out of town. It is weird how much more civilized everyone is now as opposed to high school. We grilled, raided my parents liquor cabinet, played hide-and-go-seek and generally had a great time.

If you could take your Lomography camera anywhere, where would it be?
Outer space! Just kidding. I would really like to take it surfing with me. Or they have these annual bike rides in LA called cyclavia where they shut down a major road for people to ride bikes through the city. Last time I did it we biked from Venice to Downtown LA and then back. There were so many cool pieces of LA you sort of miss when you are in a car. I think that would make for a pretty rad roll of film.

And if you could photograph someone with it, who would it be?
My Dad. He is like Steve Mcqueen,The Ladies Man, Homer Simpson and Vince Scully all rolled into one. One of my friends who is a legit photographer came on vacation with us once and took all these amazing photos of him puffing cigars, drinking whiskey, on a motorcycle and just being a boss. He is just the man and I feel like that really comes across in photos.

What would the soundtrack to your photos be?
Hmmmm I am really into surf rock because I refuse to accept that summer is winding down. Anything by The Beach Boys, The Zombies or The Castaways. I was going to say P.O.D. " Alive" but I was afraid people would think I was serious. And that would be bad.

Any advice for budding Lomographers?
Enlist a fancy photographer friend when you are first getting going. They have all sorts of goodies like a flash and can usually help you set up a good shot. After a while, you start to get the hang of it. Also, drink a ton. I wasn’t totally sure what was on my second roll of film which made it twice as exciting to get photos back.

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written by angelab_log on 2013-09-23 #people #lomoamigo

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