My Alma Mater: Esslingen University of Applied Sciences


A part of my Engineering studies was the subject of material science which I took in the University of Applied Science in Esslingen, Germany. Go down memory lane with me and have a glance at my alma mater.

Esslingen is situated in the east of Stuttgart, southern Germany. It is an old city and used to be better known than Stuttgart. It is located on the Neckar river and surrounded by vineyards. Education, art, and culture are important parts of the city. When the German Reichstag (building in Berlin that houses the German parliament) was covered by Christo, Esslingen didn’t want to stand back, they covered one of their fountains.

Credits: inrod
Credits: inrod

There’s my Alma Mater, the school which tried to prepare me for my life as an engineer: The University of Applied Science in Esslingen.

Right next to the old part of the town you find the main and probably the oldest building of the university. Depending on which way you approach the university, you can get a very picturesque view.

Credits: inrod

The university started off as an army school for officers. From back then the school got its nickname, “Der Stall” (the stable). The army kept the horses for the officers right next to the school. Nowadays, test benches, cars, engines, and laboratories are located in the different buildings.

I’d like to show you a small part of the materiel science lab. Material science was one of the subject that took some effort. The exam covered the topics of two semesters.

In the laboratory, you go through practical applications of what you learned in your theoretical course. Of course, it was mandatory, to write a lab report. To make my report better, I took my camera with me and took some pictures. I added them to the report. That way, the lab course became fun to me while I tore apart cast iron, aluminium, and steel.

Credits: inrod

It was not only tearing material apart, but also endurance testing of materials. The result was a lot of scrap metal.

Credits: inrod

I was also taught about non-problematic behavior of materials (which gradually collapses) and problematic behavior of materials (collapses without any warning).

Credits: inrod

The pictures I took helped me to remember what was taught. It was a unique report. I’m sure it helped me get better results in the exam.

How about trying it out at your school or university? I’d love to know your experience.

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