My First Lomo Affair: Mrmaart and His Fisheye No. 2

2013-09-16 2

We’re kicking nostalgia in as we bring you another version of our Community’s My First Lomo Affair. The magazine series in which we reminisce your first time with Lomography – sure is sweet!

We popped the champagne as we interviewed long-time Lomographer and past Lomography employee mrmaart from Amsterdam. This guy definitely has a fine shelf filled with Lomography cameras he loves and enjoys but like most of us, he will never forget his first time. And in this case, with the Lomography Fisheye No. 2. Read on his story below!

Credits: mrmaart

Name: Maarten Essenburg
LomoHome: mrmaart
Location: Amsterdam

When was your first try of a Lomography camera or film? What product was it?

Well then, I would have to go back around seven years or so. My dear friends surprised me on my birthday with the cool Fisheye No. 2. Yes, the one with an MX button and the bulb mode. Truly loved it and couldn’t stop experimenting! That was my moment of entering the world of Lomography.

Was the Lomography product yours or maybe you borrowed it from a relative or friend?

A birthday present so it was mine!

Credits: mrmaart

How was the experience upon using it? Any funny or strange occurrences?

Of course! Like anyone else starting with the Lomo craziness, my first rolls were mostly all underexposed. Even though you are thinking; "Yeah, the picture is well enough exposed… " NOT. Light is something more than just turning on the room’s light and it took me at least three rolls to discover the matter of true light. And then I finally discovered the beauty of sunlight. The ones I took in the sun made me realize what a good exposed photo is all about.

Have you used that Lomography product again? Why or why not?

Yes, for a couple of years until it broke down. That was on Iceland in February, -15 somewhere up in the snow. A frozen shutter release button and a back that I could not open anymore. My first lomo camera was officially dead.

Some Fisheye snaps from Iceland. Brr!

Can you share us your favourite or most memorable shot from that First Lomo Affair of yours? Why this one?

Of course! It may not be the first picture i took but surely one of the pictures from my first roll. Together with my friends who gave me the camera, I discovered the MX and bulb mode of the camera. Still love the results!

Credits: mrmaart

How about you? How was your first Lomo Affair? We would love to know how it all started! Drop me a line at and tell us all about it! And don’t miss this space for there are more Lomo Affairs to come! Ciao! :)

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