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Big things come in small packages! Want a color negative to for your 110 fix? The Lomography Color Tiger 110 features roaring, true to life colors that are unmatched in delivering crisp and sharp photos. Let’s see what other Lomographers have to say in this week’s Reviews on Rewind!

Credits: kneehigh85

Lomography Colour Tiger 110 - A Roaring Success! by kneehigh85

In terms of practicality, Tiger 110 is brilliant. It’s tiny, so you can easily carry around lots of spares. As like most 110 films, it only has 24 exposures, so its worth having plenty of stock with you! With regard to loading the camera, it couldnt be easier: simply slip it in the back of the film transportation unit and you are ready to go!

Credits: kevinhodur

Color Tiger 110 Burning Bright, in the Forests of the Night... by kevinhodur

This film is really solid, and it’s much more vibrant than the quiet olive green box colour would suggest, with phenomenal colour reproduction and soft blues and vibrant greens. I pick up a 3-pack with each Lomo order I place, just to have it on hand. Easy to shoot, easy to develop, easy to scan, and with such amazing colour throughout. What more could you need? :)

Credits: wesco

Lomography Color Tiger 110 film: Put a Tiger in your Camera! by wesco

In summary I am not disappointed about the results from the Color Tiger 110 film in my simple Kodak camera. With some attention for the right circumstances for a proper exposure you can make some nice pictures.

Photo by joush

Lomography Color Tiger 110: Color That Roars by joush

If you own a 110 camera, picking up a roll of Color Tiger 110 should be on your to-do list. The Lomography Color Tiger 110 is a fun nostalgic-looking film holding colors that will not disappoint.

Credits: samwise_camus

Lomography Colour Tiger 110 – A Quietly Strong Film For All Conditions by samwise_camus

I can recommend to anyone looking to join the 110 revival to use Lomography Colour Tiger 110. And don’t be afraid if you’re shooting on a low-light day – The Tiger is more than up to the challenge.

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  1. atsc
    atsc ·

    If I use the average 110 camera (e.g. the unused Pentax Auto 110 I just picked up on the 'bay) then how do I use 200 Iso film in this? Will this expose at 100 or 400? Do I need an ND filter? TIA or push pull in processing?. Haven't shot 110 since I was given one at Christmas and always lusted after the auto 110, it was just never affordable until now. TIA.

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