The LC-Wide Race Profiles: Team Europe I

2013-09-14 6

We’re done introducing our LC-Wide Racers from America so now it’s time to sail that ship and cross the seas as we head to Europe!

Yes, we’ve got Team Europe I for the LC-Wide Race in here! Also (and of course) composing of five members, let’s bring out those party poppers as we meet and know more about these Lomographers!

1. Ira Vollenberg or shoujoai

Credits: shoujoai

She’s Ira and she’s a thirty year-old girl from Düsseldorf in Germany. In 2008, she discovered the beauty of pictures taken with film. Since then, she has become a cross-processing junkie and always has an analogue camera with her. At the moment, her favourite camera is the Kiev 80. Ira’s looking forward to the LC-Wide Race because it sounds exciting to be on such a mission with other Lomographers! Adds that she loves the camera!

2. Ian Hurley or hailkingstewie

Credits: hailkingstewie

Meet Ian who describes himself as “tall, has curly hair, likes coffee and cats (but not together), and a Lomo addict from Ireland who is now living in London.” He first heard of Lomography from a lecturer in a university about six years ago and found his first Holga a year later. He has been snapping happily ever since. Ian has accumulated over 10++ analogue cameras at present and has been spreading the Lomo bug to many friends. “I can’t wait to get my hands on the LC-Wide so we can explore little old London town together,” he adds.

3. Sónia Trincheiras or trincheiras

Credits: trincheiras

Sónia is 35 years old and is counting backwards. In a bullet form, she described herself in these: “has found love, has two kids, works in a company that could be the source of inspiration, loves Portugal but hates Portuguese government, can’t live without music, loves Tool and Mastodon, loves to dance (not to Tool and Mastodon LOL), is into Lomo since 2004 when I first bought a fantastic plastic bundle, trying to stick to rule #3 (I took my LC-A to the delivery room, they said I was insane and won’t let me use it… but it was worth trying), obsessed with Russian cameras, huge hoarder for any type of film, dream place on earth: Italy because I love the country, the food, the language, the music, the history, and of course… Calcio!”

4. Mary Machin or marymachin

Credits: marymachin

A part-writer, music blogger, illustrator, amateur photographer, and student, Mary first found Lomography when she was about 17 years old. Her first camera was an ActionSampler which was followed by her favourite, the Horizon Kompakt (she loves wide lens!) Since then, she has been enjoying photographing her friends on days that they are out. Her favourite photography subjects are landscape views and music related photography. She’s in her final year at the University of Glasgow so you’re most likely to find her dividing time between a love/hate relationship with literature and The Leftover Sessions, a blog she runs with friends.

5. Sebastian Hildebrandt or tesatscad

Credits: tesatscad

A medical computer science student who started with Lomography on September 2011, Sebastian’s first Lomography camera was the Diana Mini Petite Noire. In a short time, his collection of analogue cameras started to grow and will be continuing to expand. He uses all kinds of cameras for the 35mm format (he loves the LomoKino and Zenit ET) and for 120mm, he loves the Lubitel 2 and his beloved Baldak Box made in the 1930s. The LomoKino made him develop his own films.

For a recap, click on these links!

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  1. marymachin
    marymachin ·

    Wooo, Euro Team 1 power!

  2. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    A big shout-out to our racers! :) @hailkingstewie, @trincheiras, @marymachin, @tesatscad, and @shoujoai :)

  3. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    Let the race begin!! @hailkingstewie, @trincheiras, @marymachin, @tesatscad :)

  4. trincheiras
    trincheiras ·

    this has to be the slowest race ever! @hailkingstewie, @marymachin, @tesatscad, @shoujoai :) shall we plan our conquer of the world? ;)

  5. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    @trincheiras: conquering the world? I'm in! :D

  6. tesatscad
    tesatscad ·

    @trincheiras sounds like a good plan to conquer the world :)

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