Photography class takes a photo of Earth from the edge of space with a Holga


Many things have been sent into the edge of space as of late, so it’s about time for an attempt to photograph the Earth from high up, the gloriously lo-fi way. A photography class in Chicago took the challenge and met with success! Find out more about this fascinating feat after the jump!

Remembering how the Diana F+ flew and took instant photos from up in the air with the help of the folks from Flite Test, we thought it was only a matter of time before someone would attempt to take things further up. So, when we learned that a Holga sent into the edge of space was able to take a film photograph of the Earth from the stratosphere, we thought it was too good to share!

This summer, the students of the Modern Alternative Photographic Practices class at Harrington College of Design in Chicago took on a project to send four Holga cameras into the stratosphere and obtain a lo-fi photo of the Earth. Dirk Fletcher, Chairman of the Digital Photography Programs of the school, said that it took the group a couple of weeks longer than their 15-week semester to complete the task. They sent four Holga cameras loaded with fresh Kodak Portra 400; one of the cameras successfully took a photo from around 95,000 feet.

Friends, take a look at the product of the first use of Holga in the stratosphere:

Photo via Dirk Fletcher's Blog

This incredible feat, however, did not come without challenges. Among the problems they had to deal with included triggering the cameras from 20 miles above the Earth in frigid temperatures, as well as ensuring that the GPS tracker stays pointing towards the sky.

The class also made a video documenting the whole process. Watch below:

So, what do you think of this interesting project? Share your insights and leave a comment below!

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