The Canon A-1 and Lomography


The Canon A-1, designed by Canon, was released in the late 1970’s and was one of the more advanced cameras from the “A” camera line. Sold by Canon in 1978, many photographers were skeptical about the reliability of this consumer level SLR. Yet it turned out to have all the features and the strengths of most professional SLR’s.

I bought my Canon A-1 recently at a run down thrift shop. After beaming with excitement on the ride home I was sad to realize that this camera was not documented very much on the internet. So as all great people have to do at some point I had to read the manual. After getting my first roll of film developed at my local camera shop I realized how great this little camera was.

Though it must have partially been due to the lens, I received amazing clear photos that seemed to vignette in the perfect way. Though this camera made me realize that true art is not very easy to capture by just pointing and shooting in automatic mode, it made me realize that good art isn’t in creamy smooth bokeh or deep vignetting, although it sure helps.

This camera made me focus on my composure. And I really cannot put my finger on why this is.

But that is not the point. My point that I wish to convey in these 200 words or more is that this camera seems to be neglected. Although my research may not be thorough enough, which I feel it is, this camera doesn’t seem to be on the list for most Lomographers. But I feel it should. If you can get this camera cheap enough, I got mine for $35 with a 105mm telephoto lens, it is definitely worth it.

In short I only whish to notify you of the artistic value of this camera.

Keep Shooting

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