Amazing Realistic Drawings of Everyday Objects by Marcello Barenghi

2013-09-12 1

Looking at the works of an Italian artist, we won’t be surprised to find someone reaching out for a crumpled dollar bill, only to be shocked that it’s only an extremely realistic drawing!

Realistic and photo-realistic paintings and drawings seem to be the rage in the art world as of late, and of course, we can never complain about these amazing works of art! The most recent addition to our list of impressive photorealistic works is the series of drawings by Italian artist Marcello Barenghi.

Photos via Marcello Barenghi's DeviantArt Page

From playing cards, to crumpled bills, and even a sunny-side up egg, Marcello’s drawings of everyday objects will force you to look closer before touching them. That is, if you haven’t been fooled into thinking that his dollar drawing is real money!

Curious about how he makes his very realistic drawings? Here’s a time lapse footage of Marcello drawing a freaking realistic drawing of a fifty Euro note:

Now, if only he can magically make that Euro note pop out of the paper whenever he’s broke, right?

Find out more about Marcello Barenghi’s drawings by visiting his DeviantArt Page and his YouTube Channel.

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    Eh... We have brains to make CREATIVE art... so why people want to be a drawing cameras : ( ?

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