Your Autumn Story: Autumn Along The Coast


The arrival of autumn in my country isn’t felt so much. There’s always just a few people! Many times I’ve thought of moving to the coast of the Adriatic Sea, specifically somewhere along the stretch that goes from Grottammare to Porto D’Ascoli.

Photo by yayoboy

Along the beach coast you will see that the umbrellas have disappeared and the tourists have already left. School has started again, there are fewer people and places that are open, and there are less things to do… but there’s always so much to photograph!

Photos by yayoboy

Here we are on the beach of Groton. With nothing else to do, I decided to take a walk with Geneva for a nice autumn shooting!

Photo by yayoboy

There was no one at the beach, not the lifeguard who usually yells at people to not bring the dog, or the guy who sells the cocco bbbello, or even the one who sells the frippery! There’s no one at sea and no one controlling you! But every now and then we were able to meet someone walking with their dog, so as we chat, our dogs chase each other.

Photos by yayoboy

The only flaw at the beach is that when there is no one there, all the crap gets washed ashore! And you’re there to slalom between the deadwood and the small crabs!

Photo by yayoboy

But the best thing about autumn here is that you can go to the beach in peace to do looong walks! Also, there will always be a sunny day during the week.

If ever you’ll find yourself here, I advise you to find a parking space as soon as you arrive! It’s always very busy here, and you might go around in circles many times before finding a decent space! You can go wherever you want and with whoever you want without experiencing the kind of traffic that usually happens in summer!

It’s a transition season like Spring, somewhere between a terribly hot summer or a bitter cold! You’ll never know if tomorrow will be sunny or rainy, but it’s better to always have your camera ready before winter arrives. Once winter comes, you’ll wonder whether going out in the cold is better than staying indoors.

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