Fritz the Blitz: Useful for Nearly Any Camera


With the Adapter Kit for Fritz the Blitz, you get a flash for any camera with a hotshoe that has a center contact.

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After taking the first pictures using La Sardina with Fritz the Blitz, I was stunned how soft the flash light was. I instantly wanted to use this flash with my other cameras as well. However, connecting Fritz the Blitz to my other cameras is only possible by using Fritz the Blitz Adapter. In consequence, I got myself the adapter kit.


The nice cardboard box contains a handbook with instructions in 5 different languages, the adapter bar and a cable adapter for connecting Fritz the Blitz to the flash hotshoe of the camera.

Fritz the Blitz Adapter needs a x-hotshoe like that on the LC-A or any similar hotshoe with contact in the center, like on my digital camera. A hotshoe without contact in the center, like on the Agfa Isolette, does not work.

Credits: inrod

With Fritz the Blitz, you’re ready for flash photography.

Credits: inrod

First, the adapter bar needs to be adjusted to the camera width. To do this, the adapter bar consists of two pieces that can be slid apart. For small cameras you use only the square part of the adapter bar. For larger cameras, you take both pieces and tighten the square piece to the flat piece, which gets screwed to the camera. To tighten it to the camera, you use the appropriate 1/4" tripod screw.

Credits: inrod

If your camera has no tripod mount, you can use the connecting cable alone as well. Keep in mind though, that the cable is not very long (approx. 50cm).

For indirect flashing, the adapter bar has a hinge, which tilts Fritz the Blitz backwards to maximum 90°. However, the mechanism could be a little more rigid, because if you grab the camera on the other side where the flash is not mounted, what happens is that the flash tilts backwards on its own.

Credits: inrod

Fritz the Blitz gets screwed to the side of the adapter bar and then you connect the flash with the cable to the camera.

Credits: inrod

The only thing left now, is to set the appropriate values for exposure time and aperture. On my SLR I set it to 1/60s and 5.6 with ISO 100 – 200. For using the Fritz the Blitz with my digital camera, I set the camera to manual mode, with a shutter time of 1/60s – 1/100s and aperture of 5.6 as well, at ISO 100 – 200. This produces fairly good exposed pictures in the range of about 1.5 – 3 meters.

Real world test

How does it work? Perfectly! I use the flash with the Adapter Kit on my Lomo LC-A, on my Minolta X300 SLR and on my digital camera as well. For documenting a sports event this spring, I used Fritz the Blitz and the Adapter Kit on my digital camera, to get more light into thr gym hall. It did a nice job. (Be prepared to get strange looks of people seeing you with such a combination)

Compared to my SLR flash, the combination of Fritz and the adapter makes handling the camera easier. The center of gravity stays lower which helps a lot when holding up the camera. With the SLR flash on top of the camera, it tends to tip over, front first. With Fritz and his adapter friend, this problem vanishes.

Like I said, I love the soft light Fritz the Blitz produces, compared to my SLR flash. I also love the possibility to change the flash colors with my other cameras.

Taken with my SLR flash
Taken with Fritz the Blitz


The only thing, I’d like to have is a more rigid tilt mechanism. Aside from that, I couldn’t compare with Fritz the Blitz with his Adapter kit. I can use this little piece of equipment and the creative color filters with all my cameras at hand.

Handling the camera with flash is much easier than with big flashes connected to the hotshoe. The center of gravity stays close to your hand – no tipping over of the camera. I don’t want to miss Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit anymore.

One last remark: Be careful with digital cameras though. Some flashes use extremely high voltages on their hotshoe and can destroy your digicam. Fritz apparently does not, but I didn’t measure that. Would anyone answer that question for Fritz?

Featuring a unique three-distance setting, Fritz the Blitz allows you to set the power of your flash giving you complete control over your night-time pictures. Simply set the distance and fire away! The Fritz the Blitz flash package also includes the special Fritz the Blitz adapter kit that allows you to use with any camera that has a standard hot-shoe and tripod mount.

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