The LC-Wide Race Profiles: Team North America II

2013-09-11 4

We’ve got a big Community in the Americas that’s why it’s only proper to separate our LC-Wide Racers from this region into two teams. And most probably, things will turn out more exciting that way!

We have previously introduced to you our dear racers from Team North America I and today it’s time to put the spotlight into the second America team! Let’s give a round of applause for Team North America II!

1. Laura Adele Soracco or djnada

Credits: djnada

Born in Florida, but raised between Seattle, Cali (Colombia), and San Remo (Italy), Laura lives within three languages and intersecting cultures. She is a Political Science major turned Master of Teaching English. She admits to be forever inspired by human nature and the connections between contrasting cultures in the world. When she is not teaching English, Laura is scanning negatives, reading magazines, writing letters (she loves sending postcards and random notes), or riding her bicycle around Seattle. She also meets occasionally with friends from SLAC (Seattle Lomo Adventurer Club), a local group of Lomographers in her area. “Photography has been my support in telling stories from each one of my homes, a sort of testimony through which I’ve carried (silently) the music and colors in these different corners of the world” she adds.

2. Elletra Parnell or elletra

Credits: elletra

Coming from Houston, Texas, Elletra is a US Lomography Cityslicker, who always has at least two cameras and several rolls of film with her at all times. Her frequently used cameras are the LC-A+ RL and the Fuji Natura Classica. She is a first generation American and a native Texan. When not taking Lomographs, she can be found working in her backyard garden, but more often than not she’s doing both at the same time! With over 3,000 photos in her LomoHome and a mini fridge full of film, she is ready for the LC-Wide to begin!

3. Todd Wagner or trw

Credits: trw

He’s been doing photography for quite a long time already and has even took few photography classes which taught him how to develop and print his own films. Around two years ago, Todd chanced upon a Diana Mini and started snapping photos with it. He was instantly hooked and is now officially obsessed with cameras that he owns around 30 of them. He loves film very much particularly the expired and unusual ones. Todd travels frequently for work which has given him a great opportunity to photograph new and interesting places.

4. Kawai Carvalho or sixsixty

Credits: sixsixty

Kawai’s Lomography addiction started innocently when this Hawaii-native swam to the Bay Area and made his home in Oakland, California. It all started with the gateway drug of collecting 80’s toys which elaborated to a collection of vintage cameras, plastic or not. After watching too many episodes of Breaking Bad, he started developing film in his bathtub which is quickly beginning to resemble as a meth lab. Now, his dissent into a photography addiction has him freebasing photographs!

5. Tracy Moore or tracyvmoore

Credits: tracyvmoore

Tracy received his first Lomo camera back in 2000 as an anniversary present from his wife. It was an LC-A which he loves and shoots with until today. Tracy is an artist who mainly specializes in creating artist books and one of a kind journals. He draws, writes, travels, and uses analogue photography to fill up journal after journal, documenting the crazy path he is on. Through Lomography, he has met the nicest people on the planet; his Seattle Lomo Adventurer’s Club (SLAC for short) who are now among his closest friends!


Well, ain’t that an interesting read! We’ve got two teams introduced with three more to follow! Excited? Because we are! And for more updates and back reading regarding the LC-Wide Race, just follow this link. Cheers!

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  1. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Shout-outs to @djnada, @elletra, @trw, @sixsixty, @tracyvmoore! :)

  2. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    @djnada, @elletra, @trw, @sixsixty, @tracyvmoore - you guys all rock!!!

  3. elletra
    elletra ·

    very excited about this race :)

  4. djnada
    djnada ·

    Can't wait to start!! :)

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