Fuji NPC (220, 160 iso) User-Review


From smooth, realistic colours when processed in c41, to funky mints, blues and peaches when cross processed, this film gives you a lot of options.

Another great deal found on ebay! These rolls expired in 2002 and, if memory serves me, I paid about £1 a roll. I love this film for my Holga WPC – with the 6×12 format it’s really nice to be able to get 12 frames out of a roll instead of just 6. And it’s a lot easier to get the exposure right in a pinhole camera when you’re using negative film.

The first roll was a bit of a challenge! How to estimate exposure in a gloomy underground station with dim electric lights? My light meter was of no use at all! In the end I decided on 20 min exposures, mostly because that was the limit of my patience. The shots came out underexposed, but I actually think the underexposure works quite well, accentuating the gloom of the station.

Holga WPC, cross processed in E6 and pushed 2 stops

The pictures inside the Metro trains were another challenge. Even though it was far from rush hour, keeping people from bumping the camera as they got on and off was difficult to say the least! Also, if you’ve ever been in the Copenhagen Metro, you know it’s really small. The part of it that’s underground is even smaller. In fact, the trip from one end of the tunnel to the other is exactly 9 minutes – which is just about the time it takes to get a decent exposure! It took quite a few trips back and forth to get it right.

Holga WPC, processed in C41

I shot the second roll on Midsummer’s Eve, which was much simpler. The bright summer evening meant I only needed a few seconds for each exposure. After developing it in C41, I was happy to see that despite having expired 8 years ago, these rolls still don’t show any colour shift.

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  1. paramir
    paramir ·

    beautiful, beautiful shots...

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    Great galleries indeed !

  4. erikamentari
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    i remember seeing these photos before somewhere on this site and i loved them....

    saw them again today, love them even more!

    great stuff, you've inspired me!

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