Spin Your Sprockets Rumble Winners Announcement

2013-11-26 1

Why exclude sprockets from your shots when they can join in on all the fun? We’re here to proudly present the winners of the Spin Your Sprockets Rumble!

Credits: pepper-b

Having your photos bleeding through the film’s sprockets are a refreshing change of pace and is something that is distinctly analogue. The Spin Your Sprockets Rumble! is all about showcasing these sprockets and integrating them seamlessly into the frame, creating a photo nothing short of majestic. Am I overselling it? Check these 5 winners of 5 Piggies and you’ll get your answer!

Credits: kleeblatt
Credits: dida
Credits: jbeischer
Credits: gauthierdumonde
Credits: -dakota-

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  1. dida
    dida ·

    thanks @cruzron :) and congrats for the great photos @kleeblatt, @jbeischer, @gauthierdumonde and @dakota- !

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