Looking Back at My Hometown Memories with the Lomo LC-A


Take your Lomo LC-A around your town next time to save new memories and bring back the old ones.

I always liked looking at the pictures from my childhood. Every corner brought some memories. However, I don’t live with my parents anymore and I don’t have access to these pictures. So, the question remains, how can one bring the memories back?

One of the reasons why I love my new Lomo LC-A is the vintage look. As one of my friends said while looking at the photos, “All of them look like from an 80s book, this town hasn’t changed.” Even though the vintage look was, of course, the purpose of the camera, the city also hasn’t really changed.

My hometown is in the Eastern part of Slovakia, or, as many would say, in the middle of nowhere. I have to say it’s true.

This is the place where we used to hang out as teenagers. Many police cars would come over to check for alcohol, and it was part of the fun.

This building is called the White House. The statue in front reminds the inhabitants of the socialist times and the heritage that came with it. The statues of working class or soldiers can be found all over Prešov.

Fountains are very, very popular architectural landmarks. However, during hot summer days, they are used as swimming pools.

Even though some may say that it’s a bad thing for a city not to change, I consider it very positive. Taking my Lomo LC-A everywhere, I brought back some of my best memories from my childhood and teenage years.

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