Monday Moodboard: Haunting Photo-Realistic Paintings by Jeremy Geddes

2013-09-09 1

If a visual artist can create a painting that looks so realistic, then nothing should stop us from capturing reality with our cameras.

These photo-realistic oil-paintings by Australian artist Jeremy Geddes seem real, but not quite. While the human elements in the paintings seem hauntingly real, the scenes depicted are too haunting and out-of-this-world to happen in real life.

Images via Jeremy Geddes

The figures in the paintings are seen floating in mid-air, free-falling, or even bursting through walls, tearing apart the architecture to make a visual spectacle. There is no gore, no blood; it is as if everything happens naturally, as expected.

More of Geddes’s work can be found on his website.

Now, if someone could make the impossible seem real with the strokes of his paintbrush, nothing should stop us from pressing loading film, pressing the shutter, and capturing that moment. Shoot, don’t think.

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