Snorkel Optional: The Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition


You too can now be one cool cat. The cutest darn camera ever made, just got cuter. The Lomography Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition takes photography to a whole new level: the level of the fashionably purr-fect!

What has one really big eye, should be living in the water, and is one of the coolest cats on the whole planet? Why the Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition camera, of course! Adorned in a trendy blue body with white accents and sporting a huge red lens, this baby is built for the beach. But, Hello Kitty demands much more than just fun in the sun. Rather, this is an ideal problem-free camera for taking everywhere that screams fashion photographs.

Don’t worry about those bumps and grinds that happen when dangling this fisheye camera from your wrist, it’s robust plastic body is able to take everything that your fashionable life can throw at it. Likewise, you can leave that instruction manual at home, too. All you need to know about the Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition camera can be summed up in one word—CLICK!

That’s right, just click that shutter button. Forget about speed settings, lens openings, and zone focus, this camera has got you covered. Heck, even the flash is a trifle unnecessary. You see, flash coverage is considerably less than the camera’s field of view and it needs a battery to operate. Oh, and if the battery dies, the Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition stays alive for capturing all of those fave fashion fotos.


  • Film – 35mm film
  • Picture Size – 24-x36-mm
  • Focus Range – fixed; ~ 4-inches to infinity
  • Shutter Speed – 1/100
  • Exposure Control – fixed f/8
  • Flash – built in
  • Battery – AA battery (not included)
  • Lens – 10mm (~170-degree angle of view)

Although this camera is designed for shooting from the hip (and who’s more hip than Hello Kitty), you can opt to take a peek through the viewfinder. Remarkably, this is an accurate viewfinder that also enables you to see whether or not the lens cap is covering the lens. Take that, Belair!

There are a couple of rough spots around the back and top of the camera, however. First off, the frame counter can be tough to read at times, especially, when trying to operate under the radar at a night club. Also, when it comes time to rewind your exposed 35mm film back into its cassette, grabbing the rewind knob and turning it while trying to chew gum at the same time can be quite a chore. Not to mention that you could chip a nail turning that tiny crank. Ugh!

Regardless of your lifestyle, the Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition is a wonderful fashion accessory that just happens to take terrific photographs, too. So you can continue to live life in the fashion bubble and record all of those special moments.

Oh, and in addition to always packing a couple of extra rolls of film with you and Miss Kitty, you really should consider adding the Lomography Fisheye Triple Frame and Fisheye Circle Cutter to your growing circle of friends.

Fisheye One Hello Kitty takes the super colourful circular shots in 35mm. This special edition is a must-have for every fan of Sanrio’s feline icon, Hello Kitty. See it with the rest of our Fisheye cameras here!

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