Hats in Paris


If we think about fashion cities, Milan, New York or Tokyo may come to our mind. But if we think about The Capital of Fashion, then there is only one: Paris. In Paris it’s not necessary to sit in the “front row” to enjoy fashion. Real fashion in Paris is on the street!

Credits: susielomovitz

There are literally thousands of street fashion photographs shot in Paris. Suggestive dresses, sophisticated trousers, dream shoes, delicious coats. The best of the best walk around the streets of the French capital with pure elegance.

I remembered when the last time I went to Paris, I shot a couple of street portraits of two tremendously stylish women. When checking the photos for this article I noticed a detail, something linking my street fashion photos from Paris: hats.

Shop window in París. Photo by susielomovitz.

I saw this young lady walking by the Eiffel Tower and I didn’t hesitate to ask for a picture. She did not hesitate for a second to smile at my camera! Everything went super fast. Look, shoot, and she disappeared with that smile fixed on her face, under her knitted beret.

Young smile al Eiffel Tower. Photo by susielomovitz.

We saw this lady in front of the bookstore Shakespeare and Co. She was mysterious and charming at once. She smoked with a mouthpiece and came to tell us something we did not understand because none of us speak French. No clutch, she transmitted something beyond words and that something is what I shot and she let me, under her French beret.

Woman in Paris. Photo by susielomovitz.

If you are going to Paris, maybe it’s a good idea to walk around with a nice hat.

written by susielomovitz on 2013-09-12 #places #lifestyle #fashion #hats #location #paris #france #sombreros #moda
translated by susielomovitz

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