Lomography Gallery Store Great Instant Race Workshop Recap


Details and photos from the most popular workshop ever at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC!

On January 30th, the Lomography Gallery Store NYC held the Greatest Instant Race, which was the most popular workshop event we’ve held to date! 11 teams, armed with loaner Diana F+ Cameras and Instant Backs scampered around the city competing to not only find every shot on their list, but to be the first ones to do it.

Here’s what we asked them to find:

1) Hell Yes! Take a photo of the New Museum building on Bowery!
2) Moustachioed Amigos! Make friends with two people with moustaches! Then take their photo! Get 2 minutes knocked off your time for each additional moustache you can squeeze into your photo!
3) Might as well jump! Find 3 people who are NOT a part of your team, and ask them to take a picture all jumping up in the air at the same time! If you can get 10 people to do it, we’ll knock 5 minutes off your time!
4) Double trouble! Double expose a squirrel and a pigeon! Get 5 minutes knocked off your time if you use a Splitzer to create a hybrid SQUIGEON!! (Lomography sticker not necessary in this photo)
5) How many giant arches can you fit through the head of a pin? Try a pinhole of the Washington Square Arch and find out! (remember to remove your lens, set your camera to P for pinhole, and B for bulb… 2 seconds in the sun!)
6) Aspire to a spire! There’s a nice one on Broadway, and we know you can photograph it! We believe in you!
7) Ever been to Ray’s pizza? Or Famous Ray’s? How about Original Famous Ray’s? You decide who the most famous Ray of them all is, and take a picture of your whole team (not including the one who snaps the photo) in front of the Ray’s pizza of your choice!
8) Take a photo of 5 dogs at once! (hint: try the dog parks!)
9) NYC’s finest are always around, so show them some love! Take a picture of your team with a uniformed police officer (not including the picture snapper).
10) The clock is ticking! Forwards and backwards that is! Find the clock that counts up and down and take a picture of it!

Take a look at each teams’ gallery as well as the prizes that the top teams took home for their lomographic skills and their super human speed!

In 1st Place, with a time of 1 hour and 20 minutes, was Team Snowcat, who each took home a brand new Fisheye No. 2 Pink!

In 2nd Place, with a time of 1 hour and 42 minutes (dramatically sneaking in as another team was retaking their pinhole shot that didn’t work), was Team Sputnik, who all won an Oktomat!

And tied for 3rd Place with a shared time of 1 hour and 47 minutes, were Team Blackjack and Team Let’s Make Out who each took home a Lomography Keychain!
Team Black Jack

Team Let’s Make Out!

Take a look at all of the other teams who braved the cold for a chance to win!

Team Wild Horses

Team El Toro

Team Snakes

Team Hot Rod

Team Witch Titty

Team Pinhole Operator

Team Poptimers

All the photos from the Great Instant Race are ready to be picked up by the teams at the Lomography Gallery Store!

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