Vaso Di Pandora (Lucca, Italy)


Vaso di Pandorra is a concept store in which you can find furniture and forgotten artifacts. Owners worked on re-styling it, maintaining the original taste. The vintage clothing will always have an important role, because mixing the old with the new style is the way to create uniqueness in this unimaginative world.

They were willing to open a store completely different from all the others which exhibits not only fashion but also art and design. In the expo, you will find stools made from barrels of Volvo, Shell; bags made by the prisoners in Beirut; others made by recycling old decks. There are also different types of hand-crafted jewelry and accessories, and vintage perfumes with amazing fragrance. It is kind of a lab in which we can create projects and new ideas to share; it’s a true multi-purpose space that is dynamic and inclusive, and engaged in many activities.

Read on for a quick interview with a Vaso di Pandorra staff:

Which on is your favorite Lomo camera?

No doubt, it’s the Horizon Perfekt!. If you ask me why, that means that you have never tried it yet.

What is the weirdest Lomo experience you have ever had?

I found an old roll (I lost it, I don’t know when) and I immediately set to work to develop it. When the images became more sharp in the darkroom, I figured out that I took pictures of the most beautiful girl in the world. An incredibly short time later I met her on the Metro and introduced myself. Now, we are happily married and we have a beautiful baby (Gualtiero).

What is the nerdiest question someone ever asked you?

I remember, one day, a guy came into the shop and said, “Lomography is not an interference in your life, it is part of it..” Fortunately, after saying so, he bought lots of stuff. Anyway, he asked me if I knew Lomography ’s “10 Golden Rules:” Now I know them!

Where is the most beautiful place to take picture with Lomo cameras in your town?

The Duomo in Barga.

Vaso Di Pandora
Piazza Angelio 5, Barga, Lucca,
Store Hours: 10:00 / 13:00 – 16.00 / 19:30

written by elieli on 2013-10-04 #places #lucca #location #barga #vasodipandora #lomography #boutique #lomo #shoplocator
translated by martadublin

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