Analogue: A Photography Paradise finally opens in Prague!


Fans of film photography can rejoice! Now you can find a store for analogue photography situated in the city centre of Prague. This brand-new ‘Analogue’ store offers products you might have missed at the Czech photography market. Here you can find a wide selection of analogue cameras, accessories, films and enjoy various photography services. ‘Analogue’ is a film photography store that combines traditions, design, style, inspiration and loads of fun.

Every amateur or professional photographer knows he can’t move without his camera. And photographers also know that sunlight is best for shooting on film, especially if you are an owner of so-called imperfect cameras. Technically you can’t expect too much but if we talk about visual compelling images, they can be created with these cameras. It’s really not possible to compare it with any of the effects you can apply on digital photos. Real noise, vignette or light defects is what we appreciate here!

The ‘Analogue’ store was built by people who love photography. They decided to support the growing passion for traditional methods of shooting photos and missed places like this in Prague. The store was opened on July 1, 2013, in a magical place called Malá Strana/Lesser Town on Vlašská street. It is easily accessible.

Not only is the shop located amidst the very photogenic surroundings of Lesser Town, but also full of hand-crafted cameras made of wood, paper or colorful plastic, as well as phosphorescent or DIY kits! You’ll enjoy a wide selection of cameras, such as Lomography, Holga, Fujifilm Instax, etc. And if you prefer less common types of film formats, like 110, 35 mm or 120 films you will find it here. Enjoy also their great offer of films by Lomography, Fujifilm, Ilford, Rollei, Kodak or Foma. And much more! If you are done with taking your pictures, bring it all to ‘Analogue’ and work on it in their professional lab or order your digital scan here too.

But this is not all that this store actually offers. They have opened a gallery focused on analogue photography and the first workshops will take place there. Simply, Analogue is destined to become your never-ending source of inspiration whether you are a professional, amateur, student or just a curious fan in a field of classical shooting. Visit Analogue at Vlašská 10 or follow its new products and news on or facebook!

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  1. brommi
    brommi ·

    Looks pretty! I want one of these wooden pinhole cameras :3

  2. olivesan
    olivesan ·

    what a cool store!

  3. misbrinos
    misbrinos ·

    Very cute store! The guy it's very nice and show me the revolog film (what a discovery!). I bought my sardina there! Loved it.

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