Autumn Through a Lomo Lens


Autumn is my favorite season because of its colors. Yes, the trees can turn into an orgy of orange, yellow and red but the colors of college football and Halloween also provide a great canvas for my Lomo-lovin’ heart!


I’m lucky to live in Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan Wolverines. The football stadium holds more than 110,000 people and is known as ‘The Big House.’ For eight home games every year, the town turns into a festival of Maize & Blue. There’s music and parties and flyovers and even a football game! My Diana Mini was the perfect companion for a game and helped me capture the spirit of the event with half-frame diptychs and the scale of The Big House with overlapping frames.


My neighbors put out their Halloween decorations as early as mid-September. One household must have 500 fake rats (at least I assume they are fake!) that rampage through their front yard throughout the fall. The double image capabilities of the Diana Mini and the Holga BC 35 are perfect for photographing the ghostly allure of the season.

Explosion of Colors

Leaves aren’t the only sources of fall color in the Midwest. The clouds are darker and hang lower over green waters. Rivers reflect the orange trees and the softer sun. I use color negative and slide films in my Holga 120, Lomo LC-A+, Diana F+, Holga BC 35 and the Diana Mini. Every autumn brings a new palette and I can’t wait to get out there and shoot some film!

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