Lomo Fashion Spread: The Pua Kumbu with BAYANG by Yang

2013-09-08 3

A photo shoot done early in this month of September in collaboration with BAYANG by Yang, showcasing authentic Pua Kumbu (Traditional Ceremonial Cloth of the Iban Tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia) which she had delightfully sewn into lovely skirts for casual or even formal wear.

Traditional garments have often been a symbol of the richness of culture in a tribe. Be it the intricate patterns, or the diversity of colors, they often leave us spellbound giving us a glimpse on the aesthetic values of their forefathers. These wonderful elements can be considered as on of the earliest forms of artwork.

Credits: hoseun

Fueled by her love of nature and her homeland, Yang Emirra-Ain of BAYANG by Yang came up with beautiful skirts which are sewn from Pua Kumbu, which is a multicolored, traditional cloth of the local Iban tribe in Sarawak.

Being a student of Architecture, she came to an understanding on how important the historical context as well as the geographic location and climate affects the design of the indigenous buildings. The same thing applies to fashion. Situated in the heart of the Borneo Islands, surrounded with the lush rainforest is where this idea came to conception.

Credits: hoseun

These Pua Kumbu skirts are imbued with patterns derived from the natural surroundings, mainly the Paku-pakis , a local breed of fern. The curves and lines make up an organic pattern for the skirt which goes nicely with a plain white top or blouse. If you are feeling a bit creative, the Pua Kumbu can also be used as a stylish scarf for the Muslim women as well as others who want to shield themselves from the harsh sun.

Credits: hoseun

Fashion is constantly evolving. Nevertheless it is important to always include a piece of ourselves.

Credits: hoseun

We should always remember our roots.

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  1. tonantzin
    tonantzin ·

    Beautiful shots!!! <3

  2. hoseun
    hoseun ·

    Thank you very much @tonantzin !! :)

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Great photo session

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