Daily Picks from the Sales Section: Diana Mini Case Buttercup


Wrap your beloved Diana Mini in a yummy shade of buttercup yellow and protect it from the various elements with this sunny leather case!

Crafted from durable, vegetable-tanned leather, the Diana Mini case is specially designed to allow you to take photos without having the need to remove your camera from the bag. And with this sunny variant, you can be sure that you’re camera is quite the eyecandy as well!

Read all about the Diana Mini over at the Diana Mini microsite.

Credits: sobetion, dakadev_pui & ali55

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So if you’re tempted by this beauty, then you should know that you can now own your very own Diana Mini case at a special 40% discount* over at the Online Shop! So hurry before stocks run out!

*discounts may vary per region.

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