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My Diana F + Tori Amos Limited is the first Lomographic camera I had in my hands. This is the camera that introduced me to Lomography and its artistic possibilities.

I have this Diana F+ obviously because I’m a fan Tori Amos. In fact I remember at the time when I received the offer from the mailing list, I could not resist buying this package. It included a CD dedicated to her first live performance in Russia.

When I received it at the time, I was surprised with the content. I don’t know what a toy camera is, or even a 120 roll. Though skeptical, I trusted the offer of the Tori Amos edition. Then I started my exploration.

As you can see, my first test shoots were fairly standard but fun! Nothing special except the use of Colorsplash, Ringflash, and Fisheye lens. I was having fun. I’m a big fan of the 70s so this quirky and psychedelic side immediately got me hooked.

Credits: jaybees80

For the Fisheye lens, I quickly realized the advantage of voluntary distortion of vision. In a sense, it acts as a Judas gate, it distorts reality and can stand back from it. In other words, you steer your way as you control the camera and create your own distorted reality.

Credits: jaybees80

The portrait with Diana and Ringflash has an increase in vignetting and you can clearly see a star shape as it reflected on my model’s sunglasses.

The plastic lenses cause a particular effect on the photos making them kind of unreal with a hint of dreaminess. Obviously this dreamy reality is a perfect example of the distinct quality of analogue photography.

I believe this is what attracted me the most with the Diana F+ and the music of Tori Amos. In a way, the music of Tori Amos has always allowed me to escape from reality. I often think of this picture of her debut album where she is pictured in a box. Sometimes I wish I had a similar same box to get away from it all. In a sense, this Diana F+ Tori Amos edition is that box at my fingertips.

Every time I use my Diana F +, I hear her music playing in the room. For me, when I press the shutter it is as if I pressed a deep note from Amos Bösendorfer.

Even as I was seduced by digital, I still kept on holding to my analogue photography as inspired by Tori Amos and Neil Gaiman. Back then, I was kind of into abstract photography. See for yourself!

To control my work on the dream, I had to go through something more concrete. That is what this camera has allowed me to do. Skip a digital abstract work towards a more concrete and more physically tangible work.

And this is for me the whole point of Diana F+ Tori Amos edition. I get to see things in a dream-like way.

Credits: jaybees80

Amos is often seen by her fans as a queen from a fairy tale with her artistic lyrics. in this light, she acts as a kind of muse for Lomographers who have this same camera and are also fans of her music.

Credits: jaybees80

Escapism increasingly became a guideline when this camera is in my hands. The addition of the Splitzer allows an new area for exploration. An aperture to a new world which consists unconsciously and is just a click away. It serves as an additional eye to look at the world with.

Credits: jaybees80

Explore your dream with the color from the Diana F+ Tori Amos Edition. It can be a way for you to explore your creative side and express yourself in a whole new different light.

Credits: jaybees80

The Diana F+ Tori Amos Edition inspires us to create memories and dreams. For me, the music of Tori Amos flows through my camera and the photographs I shoot.

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our Online Shop.

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