The Street Lights at Night

2013-09-08 8

Whether you’re strolling alone or meeting up with friends at night, it’s always nice to shoot the stillness or the craziness of the dark in some fine film grain.

It may sound simple but capturing the night sure needs some good skill and technique. And the street lights? They sure are lovely but definitely tricky! And that’s why in this week’s gallery post, we’ve decided to compile 50 stunning Lomographs of the street during night!

Lamp posts, your neighbor’s night light, some dancing led from a food cart; whatever that could be during night, it’s still a fantastic source of light! Be amazed and enjoy! :)

Credits: mingkie, abcdefuck, ryszardl70, sugiyamasatomi, emilios, joehep, frits, ohlordy, gengorou, muzzalini, chippo, heavenkot, hodachrome, dreamseller, shariff, simonesavo, 134340, advokitty, albeelee, ulanalee, triky76, shang, purzelstubs, shiseiten, michelle-asci, satomi, usha_berg, enial, alepoo, adri_delta, why-yu, dianevy, linnykins, zixolalu, paramir, wil6ka, eva_eva, mont0417, barryrichards, adi_totp, masako, gakurou, gocchin & ccwu

written by mayeemayee on 2013-09-08 #night #lifestyle #lights #street-lights #gallery-post


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