An earful of shutter speed!


I’m one of those hipster chicks with huge holes in her earlobes. You know us, we’re the types covered in weird ink and constantly modding our bodies. I’m always on the lookout for cool jewelry to pop into my earlobes and this weekend I bumped into an awesome set of plugs.

How cool are these?!

Indeedio! These are plugs for your stretched earlobes with shutter speed settings on them! They even have an auto and bulb setting. They start with a pretty small size and go up to 8mm. I bought mine in the largest size, but I still hav about a millimeter of stretching to do before I can adorn my stretched earlobes with them.

In the Netherlands these plugs are available at All Over Piercing .And if you’re on their site, check out the cute Polaroid plugs.

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