Pirate Movie Crew DVD Book - Winner Announcement


Aye, we announce o’ 5 lucky Lomographers who’ll get a special Pirate Movie Crew DVD-Artbook each for their awe-inspirin’ pirate tongues. Check out the winners who won some loot arr!

We asked you for a comment in pirate manner in our Lomography Amigo - Pirate Movie Crew Member Tobias Ludescher Blog. Aye, here you go with our fa’ourite 5 shouts. Each of ‘em lootin’ a booty o’ a Pirate Movie Crew DVD Artbook. Aye!

“Avast ye landlubbers! Click ye shutters and mount thy mast for some Dabloons of lomo!! or yell be walkin the plank!!!” ifisheye

“Aarrgg (pirate shout). This treasure worth walking the plank. Great project.” zulupt

“To Err Is Human, to Arr Is Pirate – so ARRRRRR!” a_kep

“Arrghhh! Shiver Me Timbers…I want some Booty!..Great Amigo find… Look out for Davy Jones’s Locker, Blue Beard and Captain Hook could not stop me…” blue-dog

HARRR! … … … ( brain at work ) … … … HARRR!” nene_photography

In the meantime our Pirate Amigos spread word about the newest Lomographic Weapon of Choice – tossing up the Diana Mini in a special Diana Mini Shred contest among the Pirate Community.

Stay tuned for more Pirate Movie Crew – LomoAmigo features – soon to come to your island!

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  1. nene_photography
    nene_photography ·

    Haha, nice. :D I'll wait for my artbook then. HARR!

  2. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Sweet!!! Now I really have to walk the plank ;DDDDD

  3. ifisheye
    ifisheye ·

    YES!! this is the first compitition I've ever won I am soo happy thanks so much :)

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