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2013-09-09 1

Our rockin’ Lomography NYC pal Steve Nilsen of Pabst Blue Ribbon tells us some awesome tidbits behind-the-scenes at PBR, some serious life advice, and shares some of his favorite shots, from Montauk to Palm Springs!

Full Name: Steve Nilsen
Lomography Username: stixaround
City: Colorado, USA

1. Hey Steve! Tell us a smidge about yourself.
I started my career as a Snowboard Boot Developer huffing glue in Asian factories, became Sports Marketing Manager for a – then – new product called “Red Bull”, parlayed that into creating Lifestyle Marketing @ Pabst Blue Ribbon.

2. What does the Lifestyle Marketing Manager of Pabst Blue Ribbon do?
“Lifestyle Marketing” to me is identifying people, places, activities, situations etc where people are truly passionate about what they do. Where people make – as Mark Twain said – , “Your vocation is your vacation”.

3. How long have you been a member of the Lomography community?
Though I’ve been shooting film for years, I’d say Lomography the last 4 years which is how long I’ve been at Pabst. I approached Lomography about a potential PBR x Lomography collab that has yet to come to fruition. hint, hint :)

4. Where are you most likely to be seen with your camera?
From the beach to the barrio. I cover the US and almost always have a camera with me. Some of our best Pabst accounts and/or events are in some of the sketchiest areas. These areas also have the most character and characters.

5. What’s your favorite Lomography camera?
Probably Diana F+. I compare the Diana to the game of golf. Unless you practice a lot, you’ll have a ton of crappy shots but it’s the one awesome one that keeps you coming back to it.

6. If you could photograph any major event in time, which would you choose?
Probably the Last Supper. Can you imagine standing in front of that table and pulling out a Lomo camera from under your robe? I bet those in attendance would utter, “Jesus!” Catching that moment on film would – literally – be priceless.

7. If you had to create a soundtrack for these photos, what would it be?
“Evidence” by Faith No More or “Unfinished Sympathy” by Massive Attack

8. What are some of the best events you’ve been a part of because of PBR?
The simplest events are the best. I would say the events/activations where we’re showing love to people that usually don’t get appreciated like they should. i.e. service industry, retail workers, laborers, local artists/musicians etc. A little bit of appreciation to those who don’t expect it goes a long way.

9. What’s your next adventure?
Riot Fest’s in Chicago and Denver. They’re going to be a debacle…in a good way.

10. Best advice for any aspiring Lomographers?
Experiment! Candid shots are best. Remember what separates Lomography cameras is how simple they are mechanically yet they hold endless shooting options/exposures. Lastly, no one gives a sh*t about your arugula salad so save the food shots for Instagram.

Thanks to Steve and PBR for helping out with all our parties! Here’s to much more Lomography + PBR lovin’ in the future:

Credits: lomographynyc

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    BAHAHA, the most LomoAmigo interview and photo that I enjoy very much

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