My Lomo Story Submission Callout!


How did you first get into Lomography? Was it happenstance or destiny? Tell us! We’d love to hear from you!

Photo by: wil6ka

Do you still remember the first time you held your first Lomographic camera in your hands? The sleek curves, the firm shutter and the melodic sound? Were you introduced to Lomography by a friend, saw it on the tellie or was the girl you were crushing on doing it at that time? There are thousands of Lomo Stories out there and we want to hear all about it!

Tell us your very own My Lomo Story so that we can all recall fond memories of hoarding film, searching flea markets all over the city, and most importantly, shooting like crazy!

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  1. workerbee
    workerbee ·

    my sister dragged me to the urban outfitters store and was just wondering around amongst the hipster clothing when i came across the section of random toys when i saw a section of the wall with lomography cameras. interested in the plastic-y looking cameras i wandered over and looked through the holgas dianas and came across something amazing, the fisheye, so i pulled out some money grabbed some film of the wall and the fisheye #2 and ever since i've loved my camera and lomo.

  2. expo523
    expo523 ·

    i just got into it not to long a go i remember id always go to urban outfitters when i would go to the mall and i finally saw the lomo cameras for the first time the last time i was there and i was so into it i was looking at them all for about 30 mins haha and i went back a few days later and got the diana mini and love taking pictures with it

  3. spiltink
    spiltink ·

    I received my first Lomo camera today. A Mini Diana. I'm a little nervous around it to be honest. I can't tell if I've got the film advancing properly. I don't know why I'm more nervous with this than all my other analog cameras.

  4. em_hoefler
    em_hoefler ·

    My aunt gave me my first toy, a fisheye 2, for Christmas one year. She knew that I was interested in photography and cameras. She went to an Austrian evening and was introduced to the Lomographic Society at the dinner.
    My fisheye2 was my first toy camera love and ever since then I've added new cameras to my collection - dianas, holgas and Pop and more...I heart lomography!

  5. bigphilly808
    bigphilly808 ·

    i used to shoot on an olympus-om1 for years but after it broke i lost the "fire" & refused to switch to digital...5 years later i found a gift certificate for an online gift shop & came across the diana on their website...never heard of it but i always wanted to try medium format & the pictures looked awesome so i ordered it....ive been hooked ever since!! lomography has reignited that passion that i once had for photography & got my creative juices flowing again...for that i will always be eternally grateful! Mahalo nui loa...aka... Thank You Very Much(hawaiian)

  6. yarah
    yarah ·

    read about it on a page similar to facebook (but a dutch one), got interested, never heard about it, looked it up, fell in love, bought a Diana mini, now addicted!

  7. rascal-king
    rascal-king ·

    I saw the Diana at urban outfitters and fell in love with the pictures on the box and on the internet, the problem was i was broke (college). So for I asked for one for Christmas, my mom assumed I meant I wanted a point and shoot digital so that's what I got, after about a year of explaining that I wanted light leaks and rolls of film to deal with I got my first Diana for Christmas and have been hooked ever sense.

  8. sjenkins
    sjenkins ·

    I saw a documentary on BBC4 about Lomo a few years back. I'm an animator and when I saw the Supersampler I thought that a camera that takes a series of photographs was one of the greatest inventions in the world! It also featured a sixteen shot camera. It's like a SUPERSuperSampler. The clip they showed was a sequence with a couple dancing. It was like a zoetrope (early animation toy). After I'd watched the programme I looked for the Lomo website and my first camera was the Actionsampler Flash.

  9. blackstar888
    blackstar888 ·

    this a long story! i happen to be reading Kandee Johnson's twitter, and she mentioned they had a wide range of products, one of them being actionsampler cameras! i researched where it came from, and happily came upon! for a week, a week before Christmas, i was gawking, lusting, fantasizing about Lomography cameras! the film! the ISO! the Diana! the FISHEYE! i told myself, i had to buy it, one way or the other! I live in San Francisco, CA, USA so i was wondering how i was gonna place an order to get one! On Christmas, i received some money and was planning to order a Fisheye #2! My cousin and I planned to go to Downtown, San Francisco, and hit a few stores. We went to H&M and he didn't find the jacket he wanted. i found a plaid shirt i wanted but told him i'll be saving my money to buy a camera. We were walking towards Urban Outfitters and i was telling about the Fisheye which i told him i was lusting for! and lo and behold! we entered Urban Outfitters, and i saw the cameras, and my jaw dropped! i was in heaven! i grabbed the first fisheye i saw, and just gawked and shivered and went googly-eyed! i loved it! i bought film too and went in line and bought the camera immediately! i went home and opened my camera and took digital shoots of my fisheye and named her FELICIA! hooray!

  10. born-to-ruin
    born-to-ruin ·

    My introduction to lomography came in the form of my current squeeze! My beautiful girlfriend had a quirky, dated looking camera in her room, sitting quietly on a shelf (not that it was unused, just relaxing) next to what seemed to be a homemade wooden picture frame in which was contained a square, oddly beautiful picture with sun rings and a funny focus! I saw it and loved the reality of it immediately. Id been used to digital and had been trying, largely in vain to get nice, characteristic shots on a cheap 3 mega pixel camera for some time. So I quizzed her all about it and got the low down on lomography, she even mentioned the ten rules, but didnt go into too much detail, stating that 'I should find out for myself, telling is nothing compared to doing... etc'. A few happy months of honeymoon love and new relationship bliss went by. Me happily working freelance on graphic design stuffs, her working on stage management projects, us going out, staying in, having great times. Until... the calender was approaching december! Gift ideas came into both of our minds but I have to hand it to my girlfriend, she trumped all my gifts by far!! Yep... Christmas morning came, we opened our presents together, both ripping at the wrapping until I came across a large box with my name on it! I eagerly ripped at the shinny paper to reveal the gift of gifts... a Diana F+! My eyes instantly welled up, my heart jumped and my throat choked on a thousand words I wanted to say but couldnt get out. Breathing out, I sat back to take in the moment and to calm myself down, this was the perfect gift in my eyes so was a little shook up! After the initial excitement and shock had passed I opened the box and held in my hands a funny little plastic box of inexplicable brilliance! That was it, I was hooked! I loaded a film, tentatively pointed and clicked! From that moment on my vision started to change, I started to see the world differently, I started to see a world of snapshots, still-frames, light, shape and wonder! My daily habits started to augment for the better. I started waking earlier to get the good light and taking long rides or drives to get those sweet bulb shots on awesome night shoots! My way of life had been altered in a subtle but gorgeous way and I thank my girlfriend every time I load a film, point and shoot, get that nervous excitement whilst waiting for my negatives to be developed, see a beautiful image on or just sit staring at the beauty of it all!

  11. monstrz
    monstrz ·

    i was following the rasa libre skateboarding blog, and they put up some photos that this guy had taken with them. they were all super beast, like the colors were askew, the shots a little grainy, all that good stuff. i contacted the guy, asking if he'd just photoshopped them or whatever. i was super surprised and excited to hear that it was all film! he said he used the lomo lc-a, so i looked it up, found lomo int. and bought myself a lubitel+ shortly after. one of the better decisions of my life, i must say.

  12. engie_bec
    engie_bec ·

    I found the Lomo website through a Threadless t-shirt competition, and was immediately intrigued by all the different cameras on offer. I'd started getting serious about photography when I was just 12 years old, borrowing my parents Minolta SLR and experimenting with black and white film, and loved the creativity it allowed. When I moved to digital compact cameras I wasn't too impressed with what they could offer until I got one with a decent zoom, and that reignited some of the passion, but it still wasn't the same. I'd been haunting the Lomo website for a while, dreaming about a Fisheye or a Supersampler or a Pop - something a bit different. Then I found the Horizons and knew I had to have one! It arrived just before Christmas last year, and I got my first rolls developed two weeks ago. I was so amazed by the results I didn't sleep properly for a week, I just couldn't stop thinking of the possibilities! I've never been so excited about, well, anything!!! I now look at my world and imagine it bulging in the middle and converging at the edges. It's early days, but I think I'm developing an addiction. Especially since I've just found a local store that stocks most of the Lomo range of cameras. Now I just have to decide which one to get next ...

  13. cosmicanais
    cosmicanais ·

    i knew that i was made for lomography when i read the 10 golden rules ! Exactly my state of mind ! The easy and arty use : i was exactly looking for that kind of argentic photography camera for yeaaaars ! it was DESTINY !!!!!

  14. flashback
    flashback ·

    I received a free Holga from for purchasing stock photos for my graphic design business. After developing my first roll of 120, I was hooked.

  15. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    I should write it here or submit an article to the magazine? Do I have to write "My lomo story by saidseni" in the title? Help, please. Thank you.

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