Today in History (1888): George Eastman receives patent for his roll film camera and registers the Kodak trademark

On this same day in 1888, Kodak marks its journey as a trusted brand for film and cameras with a registered trademark and a patent for his camera design.

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We owe a lot to George Eastman, the man who helped weave photography into mainstream culture and popularized the use of roll film. He founded Eastman Kodak Company—-later more widely known simply as Kodak—-a time-honored institution that served the needs of film photographers for several decades.

You might be wondering how on earth Eastman came up with such a name as unique as "Kodak? " The letter “K” was apparently a favorite of Eastman. He was quoted “it seems a strong, incisive sort of letter.” The rest of the letters were determined and word was created with his mother’s help, using an anagram set.

George Eastman is the American inventor and entrepreneur who perfected the first ever camera specifically designed for roll film. He received the patent for its design on the same day the Kodak trademark was registered.

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