Magazine Series Comeback: Doubles With You


It’s always nice to see an old friend back especially when that one’s really special and undoubtedly fun. Just like this magazine series we had before aptly called Doubles With You!

There’s nothing more exciting than organizing a doubles (or even triples) project with our Lomographic buddies. A collaboration of various minds having the common love for film photography, bridging countries and crossing seas by snapping random scenes into one roll of film. Amazing, right? And we definitely love that idea!

A doubles project between LomoHomes albeelee and 134340.

And that’s why we’re bringing Doubles With You back! Doubles With You aims to achieve three things in our Community.

1. To give Lomographers a chance to showcase their doubles projects to the entire Community through a Magazine article that we will publish every other week.

2. To give Lomographers a platform to find partners for their next doubles project. (If you are up for some doubles, simply state so in the comments!)

3. To exchange ideas and thoughts about these doubles projects. Basically, to share the Lomo love! <3

Sounds terrific, right? At the moment we’re looking for great doubles projects to be featured but if you’re up for this game, then do drop me a line at where I would love to coordinate with you! See ya!

written by mayeemayee on 2013-09-04 #lifestyle #doubles-with-you #film-swap

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