Lomography Color Tiger 110: The Tiger of its Own Kind


They say never to mess with tigers… but go against the norm because this tiger will definitely be able to handle it.

This film was the first film I used with my new camera, the Fisheye Baby 110.

Credits: syerowoo

Initially, I thought that 110 films were really scratchy and that it wasn’t as ‘professional’ as compared to 35mm and 120 film. Also, I felt that they weren’t worth my money on development as they are so expensive! (almost double the cost of developing + scanning for a single 35mm roll of film) However, my preconceptions were proven wrong when I saw the fruits of this risk I took for my first roll of 110 film.

Credits: syerowoo

This film really loves the sun. These photos above were all taken at around 2pm, when the sun was out and glaring right in our faces. Despite the brightness of the sun in the afternoon, what surprised me the most was that it wasn’t that obvious in the photos after all. Instead of seeming like an extremely hot day, it made it seem more overcast than usual. The photos were a pleasant touch to the day, as they were exposed perfectly despite the film ‘eating up’ the sunlight.

Credits: syerowoo

From these handful of photos above, it became more apparent of the film’s need for light. They were taken indoors, and at night, so I had to use my Fritz the Blitz flash from the La Sardina, attached to this baby with the use of the Fritz the Blitz adapter kit. I was so happy when I found out that I could use a flash with the baby cameras, which meant that I could bring them around and capture moments anywhere and at anytime of the day! The Tiger film adapted really well to this add-on. It gave me pleasant surprises when there were light leaks on the Lomographs. Some Lomographers do not like light leaks at all, but I’m a huge sucker for them.

All in all, this Tiger film has given me hope for the 110 films and has broadened my perspectives on this small Tiger! Hopefully, more 110 films that I try out would also give me excellent results and I can’t wait to experiment more :) Meanwhile, this film has gotten itself onto my ‘Top 5’ Favourite Films!

P.S. If you are interested in having another perspective on the same handful of photos, but from the viewpoint of the Fisheye 110 Baby camera, feel free to check out this article I wrote a while back!

written by syerowoo on 2013-09-11 #gear #review #tiger-film-110-baby-lomography-fisheye

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