The Thousand Faces of the Konstruktor

2013-09-05 1

The Konstruktor is not just the world’s first 35mm DIY SLR camera, it’s also an empty canvas which gives you infinitive creative possibilities. Read on and get inspired!

With the Konstruktor you’ll have a blast while building your own 35mm SLR camera from scratch, piece by piece, as if it was a delicate industrial machine. You can customize yours as well! Yes! It comes with a set of stickers so you can create the most amazing designs.

As we all expected, our creative community members have gone a step forward and they’ve created their own designs…So original and unique! Check them out and get inspired!

The ‘El Toro’ Konstruktor

Credits: buckshot

The Urban Konstruktor

Credits: stellastellar

The Art Konstruktor

Credits: jenra

The Fairy Konstruktor

Credits: hazy_baby

The Messanger Konstruktor

Credits: rocafish

The Scary Konstruktor

Credits: rvdyvo1985

The ‘Lady in Red’ Konstruktor

Photo by vgzalez

The Old School Konstruktor

Credits: nigell

The Checkers Konstruktor

Credits: lllchristinalll

The Tribal Konstruktor

Credits: pearlgirl77

Then London Konstruktor

Credits: kelvinchew

Have we missed your original design? Share the photos of your own creation in the comments below.

Want to know more about the Konstruktor? Visit the Microsite y discover the magic behind this wonderful camera. Are you ready to get yours? Run to our Online Shop now!

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