London Street Fashion of the 1900s Photographed by Edward Linley Sambourne


While street style photography has become commonplace in the past few years, the practice seems to have started from way back in the early 1900s. The proof lies in the discovery of Kensington and Chelsea Libraries — some fascinating street style snaps taken by an amateur photographer in London in 1905 to 1907. Read on to take a look!

Edward Linley Sambourne was the chief cartoonist for Punch, a British weekly magazine on satire and humor, but he was also an amateur photographer who used photography as an aid for his sketches. During the 1900s, Sambourne roamed the streets of London with a camera to document the styles of the fashionable women of the city. The street style snaps were discovered by Kensington and Chelsea Libraries. The published images below offers a glimpse into the fascinating Edwardian fashion that we don’t often see outside of books and period films:

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Daily Mail, Retronaut, and The Library Time Machine.

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