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We’re all fast becoming creatures of the night. Some people, in pockets around the globe, still fall asleep with the moon and wake up to the sun but most stay up till the wee hours… what they do is knowledge reserved only for them – the creatures of the night. Singing in the dark, dancing in the park, writing poems by candlelight… YUNA wants to see your nocturnal experiences captured on film!

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Malaysian singer-songwriter, multi-talent, and photography enthusiast YUNA has her new album “Nocturnal” out this October 29. She wants to see what people from all across the globe do on their nocturnal adventures! So, step out into the night and compose your Lomographs Nocturne.

“I figured it would best describe the album as most of the time I’m awake is at night, and I think that nighttime is when you think about a lot of things in your life – and to me that is the best time to be creative and I find myself getting out of bed and writing something down or quickly recording something at night. I feel the best songs are just floating around your room at 2am in the morning like fireflies and you just have to be there to catch it.” – Yuna

We want you to tap into that experimental side of yours when photographing the night. After all, experimental photography is inherently nocturnal. Just think of all the techniques that can only be fully experienced in the nighttime. Light Painting and Long Exposure are certainly two of the most fun. We encourage you to give them a try! Also, checkout this helpful Guide to Night Photography.

Credits: superlighter, j_robert, roberteaton & blackorchid

What occurs in, is evocative of or is inspired by the night? The Moon, stars and city lights (all good light sources by-the-way)… Nightcaps, midnight screenings, and jazz clubs… And the list goes on. We’re waiting for you to show us your renditions!

Grand Prize:

Competition Guidelines:

  • Photos should follow the theme – Nocturnal: Of, relating to, or occurring in the night
  • Participants may submit up-to 5 photos
  • The Grand Prize winner will be announced shortly after the competition’s close
  • All photos must be taken with an analogue camera
  • The deadline for submissions is October 18, 2013

Good luck!

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