GLITZERKLUB Puts Some Glitter on the La Sardina DIY


We already know what it looked like when the whole Lomography Gallery Store Berlin sparkled during the 20th anniversary party of Lomography last year in November. Now, we can see what a La Sardina DIY Edition wrapped up in sparkling glitter looks like! Julia and Lia from the Berlin-based Glitzerklub created their own edition!

Julia & Lia from Glitzerklub, photo: Sandra Semburg

Please tell us a bit about yourself. When did you start Glitzerklub?

Jules: I love to organize themed parties. During the Spring of 2012 I organized one dedicated to the movie “Velvet Goldmine,” a tribute to the glam rock era during the late 70s. Of course, we couldn’t miss glitter and feathers and somehow I even found a glittery salt shaker of the movie character Curt Wild. Even months later I still continued to glitter my friends just for fun. One of them hired me for a birthday party in a club in Berlin. Afterwards, I got a request from Berlin Festival. My friend Linda (nowadays she’s responsible for Glitzerklub Frankfurt) and I arrived with a few dishes of glittery dust and gel and thought we would be able to see some of the bands at the festival. But in the end our stand was so full, the we missed the whole line-up including Kraftklub, which I haven’t seen live until today. That day, Glitzerklub was born! After Linda returned to Frankfurt, I partnered up with Lia and since then we try to dominate the glitter world.

Lia (smiling): I love glitter since the “Velvet Goldmine” party and remember our evening at the birthday party very well. My very first glitter look á la Jules was golden around the eyes and I think I’ve never been encountered by so many smiling people as that night. Glitter communicates – that’s why I had to follow Jules to the glitter side. One of my first official Glitzerklub act was our website. I shared pur email contact and then suddenly all the booking requests came in. That was simply… wow!

Glitter babes. Photos by Marie Eisenhardt

What is so special about the Glitzerklub? Does glitter make people happy?

We are real. And the glitter does create intense reactions. You either hate it or love it. But most of the people look very happy after they’ve met us. You rarely see people with such a big smile on their face. Some of them even found their great love with the glitter dust.

You made the La Sardina DIY all glittery. How do you like the camera and how was the designing process?

The camera is beautiful, it’s really good for people who are talented for handicraft work. For us, from the DDIY-Fraction (Don’t do it yourself), it was a bit chaotic, because the glitter stays everywhere, especially, where it shouldn’t stay. The final result depends very much on the subsurface and the light. You can never tell exactly how it will look in the end. In the end it was a huge mess — but we were very satisfied with the result, and it’s a unique camera for sure.

Glitter action!

Do you have any tips for DIY fans who want to design their own La Sardina?

Yes, you should remember which parts belong together. Have fun with screwing, be talented with handicraft and have patience. Oh, and collect all the screws and don’t be like us, we got them scattered around the whole room!

Do you have any projects planned for the future?

We will have a lot of exciting shootings and we recently celebrated our first anniversary at Magnet Club Berlin. The future glitters!

Well then, Happy Birthday Glitzerklub! Thanks for the interview!

Get to know more about them on and become a fan on Facebook. For booking requests click here.

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