Lomography Magazine Times: February Fling!

Time to fall in love all over again on our February Magazine Times – recapping those sumptuous contributions and happenings all across the world of Lomography!

Welcome to the Lomography Magazine Times!

Welcome to the Lomography Magazine Times, where we present the highlights from our online Magazine. Don’t be left in the dark! Get the low down on all the Lomographic community happenings!

Teen Vogue x Lomography Pink Fisheye 2 Competition

Lomography has partnered with Teen Vogue on a special giveaway – Just in time for Valentine’s, join the sweepstakes and get a chance to win a charming Pink Fisheye 2 for free!

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Lomography’s Valentines Were Shown Some Love!

We just did not know what to get you all as a token of affection, so we asked via the Valentine's Wishlist Competition and the Twitter LomoLoveStory. Twitter winners are still TBA!

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Lomohome of the Day’s New Submission Address

Think your Lomohome’s got the chops to win the coveted Lomohome of the Day? The staff jury now houses your words of affection to a brand new e-mail address: lhotd@lomography.com

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Musings with Melanie aka Graefin of the Berlin Gallery Store

From her humble beginnings as a beloved member of the Lomographic community, Melanie aka graefin now reigns over the recently opened Berlin Gallery Store fortress – read on!

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The Adventures of Mr. LOMO LC-A

The Adventures of Mr. LOMO LC-A idea came about after lawypop watched the French movie Amélie. With some minor tweaking and cutting, he is now a travelling LC-A cut-out in Singapore!

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Imaginary World of sugiyamasatomi, “Guidance”

In sugiyamasatomi’s latest ‘Imaginary World’, we get introduced to a stray cat she shot with the Diana Mini that inspired her to do a story about a girl who cannot adjust to the society…

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Spotlight LomoAmigo: Tobias Ludescher of Pirate Crew

Arr mateys! The Pirate Movie Crew, known for their top-notch snowboard films are our latest LomoAmigos, sharing their love for analogue photo snaps!

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Spotlight Camera Review: Rollei A110

kdstevens takes the Rollei A110 out and about – a small, well-built camera with a lot of heft and nice clean lines, housed in a very compact body that’s great for any avid 110 fan!

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Spotlight Location: Kyoto: The Must-See While in Japan

takezzo takes us to one of the favourite spots for tourists in Japan, Kyoto! Check out his journey through the historical city and once-capital of the land of the rising sun!

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Spotlight Film Review: Kodak EDUPE Film (35mm, 3 iso)

mephisto19 got his hands on this rare and obscure duplicate film with a unique trait – it only has an ISO rating of 3! Check out the accompanying gallery showing off this film’s gorgeous skills!

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Rumblin’ With our Rumble Winners

We started 2010 right with a TON of rumble announcements, making our ever-eager contestants filled with glee over bragging rights and Piggy Points! Check out our latest announcements!

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Danny’s Around the World Adventure – an Introduction

The community’s resident DJ-slash-Lomographer dannyfresh introduces us to his unique analogue tour circling the globe. An inspiring quest in finding more about himself during his travels, this is a must-read!

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Ron Lau’s I Don’t Have a Cat 5

Time flies by so fast, and we aren’t on this cool feline’s ninth life yet! In this installment, Ron Lau goes on yet another stroll around the streets of Hong Kong snapping fat and furry cats!

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