TAPE OVER Turns the La Sardina DIY Edition into Extraordinary Artwork

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The two artists LaMia and «just rob» from TAPE OVER turned the Lomography Gallery Store Berlin in August into a unique piece of artwork. The design of the store is dedicated to a very special camera – the La Sardina DIY.

Lamia and Rob from TAPE OVER at the Lomography Gallery Store Berlin

Please tell us a bit about yourself. How did you start with TAPE OVER?

Lamia: Everything started during the winter of 2010 when I took part in an art project at my university (Institute of Design Berlin). During my courses in art direction I was supposed to choose an art form and tried it out with a topic of my choice. That’s when I discovered my passion for tape art.

Rob: And that’s how she got me passionate about it. From the beginning on I was fascinated about Lamia’s artistic view and portrayal. It was incredibly inspiring for me to support her with her first tape artworks. We started to decorate the walls of electro clubs in Berlin and then we started TAPE OVER during spring 2011. Since then, the clubs are the equivalent of streets for streetartists for us.

Lamia: Exactly! And the electro scene is also our “Pool of Inspiration”.


How would you describe your art? Can you really design every image with tape or are there restrictions?

We would describe our art as a subculture of streetart. in our case its style reflects more the character of urban art. Our trademark is first of all the organic forms and the use of tapes which differ in width. That way our artworks get a natural style. Furthermore, we care very much for details. We believe that this combination astonishes the observers… and probably is also the reason why people often touch our artworks.

We are convinced that there are no restrictions when it comes to the choice of subject. You can design basically everything with tape. However there are certain limitations, since the consistency of the tape as well as the limited choice of colours limit your options to a certain degree. On the other hand, it’s an interesting factor, since these characteristics require an abstract way of representation.

You taped the La Sardina DIY for us. What’s the story behind the design?

We don’t only tape walls. Most of all we are famous for TAPE ON YOU. That means we design individual artworks directly on people’s skin or clothes by getting inspired by their presence. It’s a very personal styling – with tape! That’s what we also did with the La Sardina. We just opened ourselves to the camera and it inspired us for this design.

The La Sardina DIY from TAPE OVER

How do you like the La Sardina and how was the designing process?

We especially liked the plain and characteristic form of the camera, which resembles a sardine can in a very stylish way. Furthermore, we really like the white material, since it underlines the clear line. Thanks to this we were able to point out the prominent details of the camera with a remarkable color combination.

Do you have any tips for DIY fans for their work with the camera?

Only one tip: unpack, disassemble and be creative… create your very own and unique Lomography item.

In August you turned the Lomography Gallery Store Berlin into art and even integrated your La Sardina Edition.

Yes we created tape artwork, which visualizes the camera and our associations with it. The store visitors could expect a vivid color sensation with visual highlights – which is our own La Sardina DIY Edition integrated into the whole design. We combined both into one artwork, which spreads out over two walls. Furthermore, we also exhibited two old windows, which we designed – they are a good contrast to the clean design of the store.

Lomography and Tape Art even have similarities on an abstract level. Both are analogue art forms and both consist of extraordinary optical elements.

Thanks for the interview!

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